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The Things You have to Know About Protein-Sparing Fasting

The protein-sparing fast diet is primarily given to those who are extremely obese. The longevity of this diet program is for only a few weeks. Once this diet program is done the client has to proceed to the actual weight-loss program. The protein-sparing fast diet is helpful to those who are extremely obese but one has to consult experts first since it is not necessary beneficial to everyone.

In this form of diet, you lessen your calorie intake to an extremely low level and only take in enough protein for an acceptable tissue mass and micronutrient amount. It is a kind of starvation but you do not get to lose your muscle loss. The main source of calories here is the proteins and the main source of burned calories is the fat. When that happens, fat becomes your main source of energy. You do not want to depend on carbohydrates, so that is not done in this diet.

When observing the protein-sparing fast, make sure that you only eat food with high-quality protein content. Your plate will most likely have chicken breast and tuna. Protein sources like tofu, protein, and cottage cheese are also good alternatives in this kind of diet. The lesser protein you have the more weight is lost by your body. There are other improvements in adapting the protein-sparing fast diet like having a healthier levels of blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood lipids. Diabetic patients were recommended to have this diet based on some research. An initial problem for the patients during the earlier phases of the diet is dizziness but it can be addressed by having more salt in the diet. Aside from that, some of the patients had constipation and hair loss but in general they were motivated to lose weight.

Protein-sparing fast is quite similar to rabbit starvation and the only difference is that the former has medical-supervision. In protein-sparing fast, patients are not required to do strenuous activities which people in rabbit starvation do. As mentioned earlier this diet program is for those who are obese, so the muscles and organs are not broken down, only the fat. People who undergo this diet program are informed of the risk they are taking and that the program is only for a short time. Their might be some side effects to weight loss like having low energy, feeling hungry, and feeling cold. It should be noted that this diet program is not perfect for maintaining weight-loss. You have to continue on with a good eating habit after this diet program for it to have a continued effect. Protein-sparing fast is only temporary and the diet program needs a second one to continue in the weight-loss regimen.

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